18 Sep


If you’re a tea lover but you’re also interested in losing a bit of weight or looking after your skin then the craze teatoxing is just the thing for you. For those of you who don’t know what it is, teatoxing is a detox that involves, basically, drinking lots of healthy, natural tea! Bootea is a popular brand of the teatox with the aim of cleansing your body and aiding weight loss at the same time. Bootea is proving very popular, with even celebs such as Caggie Dunlop, Jess Wright, Ricky Rayment and Louis Tomlinson giving it a go.

Bootea has two different types of cleansing tea, one for the daytime and one for bedtime. The daytime tea helps to increase your metabolism and help you to become less prone to snacking. The Bedtime Cleanse helps to cleanse your digestive system at night, thus helping to prevent excess calories from being absorbed and stored as fat. This one should only be used every other night as specified.

The best part is that Bootea themselves stress that they do not advocate an “eat less policy”, rather they give you a flexible eating plan with various healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. The only thing I had a query with myself was the no meat idea. Their eating plan explains how meat contains certain toxins which are the toxins you’re hoping to flush out whilst on the teatox. However, luckily they state that if you don’t want to cut meat out completely (remember, it is two whole weeks!) then you can opt for leaner cuts of meat such as skinless chicken or turkey breasts.

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