Simple Eco-friendly bathroom swaps
21 May

Simple Eco-Friendly Bathroom Swaps

Simple Eco-Friendly Bathroom Swaps Plastic has been in the news exponentially recently but there have been some positive steps taken to start reducing the amount …

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International Women's Day
23 Mar

International Women’s Day

Following International Women’s Day earlier this month, here is a brief history of International Women’s Day, how it was celebrated this year and the work being done to continually improve gender equality around the world.

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History of Knickers
02 Oct

History of Knickers

Which do you love the most? Brazilians? Hipsters? Boxers? And no we’re not talking about men! Believe it or not, the knickers that we know and love today have only been around since the 1940s.

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How to relieve period pain
01 Aug

How to Relieve Period Pain

How to Relieve Period Pain Many women and girls suffer from menstrual cramps and luckily there is lots of things you can do to help. …

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Achieve your goals
13 Jul

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals Johanna Konta has risen from 146th in the world in 2014 to now being 7th. She is also the first female British …

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27 Oct

Breaking Up with Sugar

Sugar is getting a bit of bad press recently, for a good reason. Having often been thought of as a treat in my household, it …

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