29 Oct

Dating Online – Where to begin?

It’s International Internet Day today (29 October) so in the spirit of all things online we thought we’d ask our Powder Room Pro, Jo Hemmings, her top tips for dating confidently online.

 “If you have thought about trying online dating – but have been put off by the scare stories of scammers or simply feel it’s not for you, today is the day to give it a go.  Shop around, check out a few sites and get the feel of one that might suit you best.  In over 12 years of being a Dating Coach, with many 100’s of clients, I have yet to come across a single one who has been scammed or duped by a fake profile!

“And my best tip for you would be to be pro-active when you do sign up to online dating.  Most of the disappointment comes from sitting back and waiting for people t get in touch with you and then not fancying them much when they do!  Making an approach is often the best way of making sure you get the dates that you want.”

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