22 Dec

Designated Driver this New Year’s?

So it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s your turn to be the designated driver, oh no, we feel for you, we do! But there’s still plenty of ways to bring in your New Year’s in style.

We noticed that there were loads of posts on how to stay safe as the designated driver, but what about still having fun?! Have a look at our tips and advice for making it a New Year to remember (that you’ll actually be able to remember this time!).

First of all, okay so you can’t drink but that doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to water the whole night. Have a look at some of these delicious mocktail recipes courtesy of SoFeminine and Nourish & Inspire.



Honey and Ginger

Secondly, make the most of free drinks. If you’ve got good friends they’re going to be pretty grateful that you’re driving them back later so will hopefully be happy to buy you non-alcoholic drinks throughout the night. If not, no worries! Coca-cola are sponsoring a designated driver campaign in which you can get a free drink in about 12,500 pubs across Britain. Read more here: http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/designated-driver/coca-cola-designated-driver-faqs.html

Thirdly, take note! Being the only sober one at a party is actually a perfect time to work on your confidence. Shy, nervous or worried of making a fool of yourself? If everyone else is drinking, trust us, it’s not going to be you that stands out like a sore thumb. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to approach people, especially as they’re going to be chattier than normal. Plus, if you’re anything like me, embarrassing moments are a regular. I can’t guarantee that if you’re clumsy you won’t do knock over any drinks… or ornaments etc. but I can almost guarantee that no one is really going to remember it the next day.

Are you the designated driver this New Year’s, or have any tips for someone that is? Leave a comment below if so!

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