09 Sep

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A couple of weeks ago I had a gorgeous weekend away at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! I’d never been before and thought it would be a good way to spend the much anticipated bank holiday weekend.

Edinburgh Fringe is an arts and cultural festival that takes place each summer. The Fringe is well known for presenting experimental works that you may not get to see at more conservative festivals. From my experience I can tell you that it was a diverse, multicultural festival with a lively atmosphere. There were artists from all over the world, including some who had travelled all the way from New Zealand. Everywhere we went was absolutely buzzing, making the weekend particularly memorable. For those food lovers, the festival had a huge variety of food. We tried so much and some of things they had on offer ranged from wood fired pizzas, German bratwurst sausages and noodles, thus giving the festival-goers a small taste of other culture’s cuisines.

Two acts that particularly stood out to me were the Eastend Cabaret and the Oxford Imps. They were well worth the watch! The Eastend Cabaret is a musical comedy duo and they performed their Sexual Tension act. These two very talented girls are known for their risqué material and the way they include the audience within their acts. The Oxford Imps were another hilarious act that really stood out to me. The group is comprised from a mixture of students and locals from the city of Oxford. Quick witted, they improvised with feedback from the audience, thus creating hilarious results. Each performance is completely unique as the group act on the spot after being given requests from the audience. I’m told they perform daily every summer at Edinburgh Festival Fringe so definitely one worth looking out for next year.

Not yet sure what my plans are for next summer but Edinburgh Festival is definitely up in the running of places I want to go!


Check out the Eastend Cabaret website here: http://www.eastendcabaret.com/eec/welcome.html

Check out the Oxford Imps website here: http://www.oxfordimps.com/


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