04 Feb

Fall in Love this Valentine’s

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There are a lot of anti-Valentine’s day blog posts (hey, I agree, the day can be a bit consumer cheesy) but bringing it down to the basics of the word ‘love’, the day can actually be used for remembering things you love – love to do, things you love to eat, places you love to go and so on. So here at Feminesse we’re asking you to fall in love this Valentine’s. Whether you’re married, single or just getting into a new relationship, there is someone you should all be showing a bit of love this Valentine’s. Yourself!

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It’s not a new phrase but it’s definitely one to have a think about. With Valentine’s day around the corner, it’s a concept that both singles and couples can have a think about. The happiest and most confident people are people who regularly make time for themselves. Setting some time aside to find a hobby that you really enjoy, be it photography, long walks, yoga, dancing or painting, can really reenergise you and can give you a new outlook on life.

So if, for whatever reason, you find that you’re without any plans this Valentine’s, use the day to work on building your confidence and treating yourself to some much needed me time.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some small confidence boosting things to do on the 14th (or any day for that matter)

  1. Sex and the City, Mean Girls or ‘any chick flick you-so-desire’ marathon. Who’s there to tell you not to!
  2. Exercise – dancing, walking, yoga. Anything that gets you active instantly makes you feel better and if you try something new you may just find out about that secret hidden talent for belly dancing…
  3. Pamper yourself! How often do you have a session of just doing your nails, bubble baths with wine and a good old fashioned face mask? You’ve got the whole day, make some time for yourself!

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