FAQs – Feminesse Menstrual Cup

What is a Feminesse Menstrual Cup?

The Feminesse Menstrual Cup retains up to 18ml of menstrual blood is worn internally, like a tampon. Thanks to its design, its an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, travelling and day-to-day usage. The strength of the silicone used has been chosen to achieve optimum flexibility and comfort. The cup can be used during the night and can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours without replacement, although this will vary dependent on the heaviness of your flow.

How long can I reuse the cup for?
The Feminesse Cup can be used and used again. We recommend replacing the cup every 2 years but it is personal preference if you wish to replace sooner or later.

What is the cup made from?
The Feminesse Menstrual Cup is made from High Quality Grade Silicone.

What size menstrual cup do you sell?
At the moment we sell 1 size and it can be worn if you have had children or not.

I can’t get my cup to open once inserted. What can I do?
Firstly, this is completely normal, especially if this is the first cup you have ever bought and as Feminesse is quite a soft cup it can take a little practice to get right. To start, we would suggest that you create the fold in your hand, making sure that you don’t push down to forcefully.

The cup should still open up in your hand if you let go of the fold. Try to fold it in half and half again and hold it gently just below the rim.

To insert, spread your labia apart with your other hand and insert the cup. Once the cup is inside, try and push on the back wall of your vagina to allow some air to come inside the vagina. Then using your finger you can guide the cup into opening up naturally inside you. If it is difficult to get your fingers inside alongside the cup you can use some lubricant. You can try twisting the cup slightly until you feel it open up. If this doesn’t work, try pulling the cup down slightly, as if you were starting to take it out, and then push gently back into the bottom of the cup, this should help wiggle it into place. We recommend lying down when you are putting it in and also trying to relax as much as possible. You can run the cup under cold water to stiffen the cup up a little too.

How do I keep the cup clean?
It is important to keep your Feminesse Cup clean. Disinfect the cup before use and insert the cup with
clean hands. On a day-to-day basis, rinse the cup with mild, unscented, soapy water. For a more thorough clean, the cup can also be placed in boiling water or sterilised in a sterilisation solution. Your choice of maintenance depends on your particular situation.

Feminesse Menstrual Cups come with a handy foldable container which can be used to clean your cup and for storage too.