FAQs – Feminesse Moisturiser

What is Feminesse Moisturiser?
Feminesse Moisturiser is a non-hormonal gel that has been specifically formulated to soothe the symptoms of vaginal dryness (including pain during intercourse, daily soreness, discomfort and itching) for up to 3 days at a time. Feminesse Moisturiser is proven to soothe symptoms and maintain vaginal health from within. Every tube of Feminesse moisturiser is fragrance free and contains no hormones or parabens.

How does Feminesse Moisturiser work?
The most important ingredient in Feminesse Moisturiser is called polycarbophil and it is this ingredient that enables the gel to stick to the walls of the vagina and deliver the water contained within Feminesse Moisturiser to the dehydrated cells. The cells are then moisturised until they are naturally shed (normally every 3 – 4 days) . By delivering continuous moisture to the skin cells Feminesse Moisturiser encourages increased blood flow to the vagina leading to increased moisture, relief from symptoms and even a return of some natural secretions (discharge). Polycarbophil also helps to restore the natural pH of the vagina to help maintain vaginal health.

What is the difference between Feminesse Moisturiser and a lubricant?
Feminesse Moisturiser is a long term treatment for vaginal dryness usually caused by menopause, giving birth, hysterectomy, cancer treatment or some other medications. It is not necessary to use Feminesse Moisturiser immediately before intercourse. Over time by using Feminesse Moisturiser you will experience a return of your natural secretions and will once again be able to enjoy spontaneous intercourse that is no longer painful or uncomfortable. If, in the early stages, extra lubrication is required Feminesse
Moisturiser is safe to use with any over the counter water based lubricant. Feminesse Moisturiser will not affect your partner during unprotected sex as it is not poisonous and has no taste or smell.

What are the ingredients?
The active ingredient in Feminesse Moisturiser is purified water (78.18%). This is slowly released from the polycarbophil which sticks to the vaginal walls and holds the gel in place. Feminesse moisturiser also contains glycerol, mineral oil, carbomer homopolymer type B, hydrogenated palm oil, glycerides, phenoxyethanol, imidurea, sodium hydroxide.

How do I use Feminesse Moisturiser?
We recommend that you use Feminesse Moisturiser every 3 days, preferably in the morning, after your bath or shower. Using either the sealed applicator or the single use tubes, you are able to quickly and easily place the gel exactly where it is needed.

Why should I use it in the morning?
Feminesse Moisturiser can be used at any point during the day. We simply recommend using it in the morning so that you can get better coverage as you move around during the day.

How often should I use Feminesse Moisturiser?
We recommend using Feminesse Moisturiser once every 3 days as this roughly matches the natural cell turnover in the vagina. Some women find that applying Feminesse Moisturiser slightly less frequently still provides relief from symptoms and similarly some women prefer to apply the gel more frequently, especially at the beginning. After all, everyone is different. You’ll soon find out what suits you best.

Can I use Feminesse Moisturiser with contraception?
Feminesse Moisturiser is safe to use with condoms and other forms of contraception. Feminesse moisturiser is not a contraceptive.

Can I use Feminesse Moisturiser during my period?
Feminesse Moisturiser can be safely used during your period but we recommend using it just before to allow the gel to stick to the wall of the vagina effectively.

I have experienced a slightly thicker discharge than normal, is this ok?
Vaginal discharge is the natural result of your body shedding unwanted cells. After using Feminesse Moisturiser some women have reported experiencing a white, lumpy discharge. This is perfectly normal and is just a combination of the polycarbophil gel in Feminesse Moisturiser and dead cells. Usually the greater the initial dryness, the more dead cells and debris will come away in the initial stages of use. This will improve and eventually disappear as moisture is regained. If the discharge has an unpleasant odour or colour this may be evidence of a pre-existing vaginal infection so you should consult your doctor.

Can Feminesse Moisturiser cause thrush or vaginal infections?
No. None of the ingredients in Feminesse Moisturiser can cause vaginal infections. In fact the pH reduction is more likely to act as a prevention to infection. However a sudden change in the vaginal environment may reveal an underlying infection. If you do begin to experience unfamiliar symptoms you should consult your doctor.

Can Feminesse Moisturiser cause cystitis?
No. None of the ingredients in Feminesse Moisturiser can cause an infection such as cystitis. When starting treatment some women have experienced a tingling sensation in the vagina as Feminesse Moisturiser acts to rebalance the vaginal pH. This can be confused with sensations of cystitis as the vagina and urethra are very close. If this is experienced it should cease after a few days. If you are unsure or symptoms persist you should consult your doctor.

What else can I do to prevent dryness and irritation?
Dryness and infections can be aggravated by soaps, perfumes and other strong or fragranced products such as bath oils and shower gels. Disinfectants and antiseptics could also cause discomfort so it is best to avoid using anything other than lukewarm water or a soap free intimate wash.

Will using Feminesse Moisturiser affect my smear test?
Feminesse Moisturiser should not affect the results of a smear test but we recommend that it is not used 3 days before your appointment to ensure your test is not picking up residue from the gel.