FAQs – Feminesse Menstrual Cramp Relief Patches

How do Feminesse Menstrual Cramp Relief Patches work?

Think of Feminesse Patches as travel friendly hot water bottle! The patches are directly affixed to the skin to relieve menstrual pain by providing heat to the painful area. By wearing the patches, you are aiding abdominal blood circulation which can relieve cramps.

How long can I wear the patches for?
The patches provide pain relief for up to 8 hours. If irritation occurs or the heat patch becomes uncomfortably hot, remove immediately.

Why does applying heat relieve pain?
When you are having your period, the pain you feel is caused by the muscles contracting. Applying heat to the stomach can help to relax
the muscles and promote blood flow, which in turn helps to relieve pain.

How do I use the patches?
Open the wrapper by hand and take out the heat patch. Remove the protective paper backing and place the adhesive side of the heat patch onto the desired area. The heat patch will take around 30 minutes to reach its maximum temperature.

Can I wear the patches when I go to sleep?
We do not recommend wearing the patches whilst sleeping as you should not apply pressure to the contact area of the patch, for example by lying on the heat patch. The patches are best for when you are out and about, going about your day-to-day business.

What is inside the patches?
The patches are made from iron powder, salt, activated carbon and purified water.