04 Dec

Feminesse – Confidence to Be You

Here at Feminesse we want women everywhere to feel like the best versions of themselves, and to do so with pride. However, we can all have one of those weeks where we’re not feeling quite as confident as usual.

Often when we’re not feeling our happiest it can be down to missing out on one of the following factors. The list looks long but really it’s only 5 things that you should be trying to do each day. You’re probably already achieving most of them but if you’ve neglected one area of your life you may be feeling less fulfilled. Try to do something, big or small, that falls under all of the following categories.

Do something productive: Believe it or not, going to work, finishing that deadline/assignment or even just paying that bill can count as being productive. Doing something productive fills us with pride and gives us a sense of achievement. And when you’ve worked really hard to get something done, you’re always going to feel pretty chuffed once it’s completed.

Do something active: Yes, you’ve heard this one before. But it’s no fluke that exercise is a regular feature in ‘how to be happy’ or ‘boosting your confidence’ posts. For a start, there’s all those great endorphins that get released, plus health and fitness benefits too. Hey, if you do a team sport you’re also likely to meet a whole bunch of new and fantastic people too, so really, let me ask you, do we need to give any more reasons?

Do something for yourself that you really enjoy: You might be amazed that this element is the one many of us forget. We enjoy seeing our friends! We enjoy the feeling of achievement we’ve done something really productive. We enjoy going to the gym (really? How, teach me your ways!?). So this all counts right? Wrong. To fulfil this aspect of your daily routine you need to do something that you really enjoy… and something you really enjoy doing by yourself. This can be painting, going on walks, watching your favourite film or just chilling and listening to music. Even if you just take 10 minutes out of your day to do something just for you, you’ll notice the benefits virtually immediately. Just remember, it can’t come under any of the other categories because, even as much as we love seeing the girls or going for a jog, you need to do something relaxing just for you.

Do something social: Going out for coffee, having a girl’s night in or even just skyping one of your friends that you haven’t spoken to for a while can lift your spirits in minutes. This one, I feel is pretty self-explanatory.

Finally, remember to be grateful! Many people in their pursuit of happiness and confidence talk a lot about what they want. Of course this is great, we should always be moving forwards and be driven by what we want. But after you’ve finished thinking about what it is you want, remember to be grateful for what you have. When you start noticing the little things, you’ll start appreciating all of the lovely aspects of your life. Trust me, there’s a lot!

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