Feminesse World Cup Wall Chart
31 May

Feminesse World Cup Wall Chart

Feminesse World Cup Wall Chart

Two weeks today the world cup in Russia will be starting and here at Feminesse we are super excited about it! To help you keep track of the scores on the doors we have made our very own Feminesse World Cup Wall Chart.

The Feminesse World Cup Wall Chart includes the group stages with spaces for scoring and ranking the group winner and runner up and then leads all the way to the final where we will find out who this year’s world cup winners are! Click here to download your very own printable copy.

Feminesse World Cup Wall Chart

But that’s not all! This year, Feminesse will be keeping you posted on social media with the upcoming games of that day so make sure you follow us to #followthecup! All of our content will have this hashtag so it’s an easy way to track us.

If you are not feeling very confident in your team’s chances of winning the world cup, here is a ‘Cup’ that’s always winning. The Feminesse Menstrual Cup is an eco-friendly, time saving, cost efficient alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. On average women spend around £500 a year on sanitary products, the Feminesse Menstrual Cup is £17.99 making it just £9.00 a year!

On the eco-side, did you know that every year 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of globally? Most of these will end up in landfills but some make it into our oceans and onto our beaches. By buying a Feminesse Cup you are helping to reduce the amount of waste each year caused by sanitary products.

Tampons should be replaced every 4 – 8 hours whereas the Feminesse Cup can be worn for up to 12. How’s that for plenty of time to watch all of the matches,

To buy your Feminesse Menstrual Cup click here or go in store at Tesco.

Remember, if this year your team doesn’t win the world cup, at least the world wins when you use your own cup!

#Follow the cup.

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