22 Sep

Fresher’s Week Tips from Jo Hemmings

To make Fresher’s Week a little less scary, here is my mini survival guide.

Whether shy or seemingly brimming with confidence, remember that everyone is in the same situation. Sometimes a drink will help you to relax, but do not drink your way through Fresher’s Week in an effort to make friends. Think about joining a few societies that interest you or perhaps offer to help out in some way. Often organising for other people can help alleviate that shyness.

Sharing a living space with people your own age can be a daunting prospect, especially when it’s your first time away from home. Make sure you have a set of house rules that everyone will stick to. If they don’t, this needs to be raised at a house meeting. A regular house meeting which addresses and sorts any issues is vital for you to get along as a group. Ensure you get your privacy and understand that others value their privacy too.

The first few weeks or even months of university can be a potential minefield where sex is concerned. There are plenty of girls who go away to university with relatively little experience, which is nothing to be ashamed about, but this can cause worries. My advice is to weigh up what you really want and think quality rather than quantity. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field a bit at uni if that’s what you want to do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be selective- remember, nobody’s keeping score.

Happy Fresher’s Week.

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