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What is Vaginal Odour?

We all have our own scent and our vagina is no exception – this is perfectly normal. The body is an amazing machine and the scent is produced through the secretion of discharge which is its natural way of self-cleaning.

Sometimes, however, there are certain events in our lives that can affect our bodies pHbalance, from the over use of perfumed soaps, periods, sexual intercourse and even stress which can cause an unusual and at times ‘fishy’ odour.

Often this is no cause for concern and can easily be resolved through either practicing prevention tactics and/or the use of pHbalancing products.

Fish Odour Syndrome

(Medically referred to as Trimethylaminuria) is an uncommon genetic disorder which results in a strong body odour that resembles the smell of rotting fish, faeces or garbage.

Trimethylamine is a smelly chemical produced in the gut and the odour is created when the body is unable to break it down effectively, especially in certain protein and choline-rich foods.

Fish odour syndrome is different from vaginal odour and if symptoms have not cleared with the use of Feminesse Gel we’d advise you to make an appointment with your GP to rule out Trimethylamine.



It’s a good idea to avoid perfumed soaps, washes and antibacterial gel as these can affect the natural balance of things. Use a plain unperfumed wash or warm water to wash the vagina daily. The vagina will naturally clean itself and a clear discharge is normal.

Avoid douching! Douching has not been proven to help the vagina. When practiced all the bacteria inside the vagina is flushed out including the healthy bacteria, upsetting the natural vaginal environment.

Avoid tight clothing such as tights and gym clothing. Wearing cotton underwear will also help let the skin breathe and allow air to circulate. Showering and changing once you have finished exercising is essential to stop the growth of bacteria.

What are your options?

  • Feminesse Gel can be used to neutralise vaginal odour by restoring the natural PH levels, relieving abnormal discharge and eradicating odour, leaving you with a healthy vagina.
  • See your doctor. A doctor will be able to diagnose the problem and prescribe the correct course of treatment if necessary, a common drug used for the treatment of vaginal odour caused by BV is and antibiotic called metronidazole.
  • The odour may pass naturally; some odours may simply pass on their own. However if you are particularly worried go see your GP as they are there to help and are likely to have heard of any problems before.

How Feminesse can help you!

Feminesse Gel is specifically formulated to eliminate abnormal vaginal odour and restore longer lasting feminine freshness for 3 days at a time.

Unlike sprays or washes, Feminesse Gel works from within the vagina to eliminate vaginal odour. By maintaining the natural pH balance, this in turn combats the development of odour-producing amines (compounds).

Some women find applying Feminesse Gel slightly less frequently still keeps odour at bay. After all, everyone is different. You’ll soon find out what suits you best.

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