15 May

Listen Up Ladies

So recently I have been harping on about the benefits of exercising outside, however we need to look out for our personal safety.

  1. If you are going for a run after work try to stick to well populated If you see somebody approaching you who you are suspicious of, do not look down, instead continue to look ahead but cross the road or run to a local café, shop or bar and call somebody to come and meet you.
  1. While music can help us zone out from our day to day stresses and help pace ourselves, running with headphones puts us at risk. Listening to music whilst running makes us less aware of our surroundings and potentially an easy target to sexual predators.
  1. Always take your smartphone. While they can be a bit of a pain to carry, invest in some running capris with the zip pocket and download one, or all of, the following aps.
    • StaySafe allows you to enter your route prior to setting off and if you are not back within your estimated time, your emergency contacts will be alerted of your GPS location even if your phone is switched off.
    • My Panic is FREE which triggers a high pitched piercing alarm and bright lights to alert others nearby of your presence
    • bSafe is an easy panic button. Once activated your phone will sound a siren, record a video and alert the local authorities.
  1. By knowing some basic self-defence moves, you are not only going to feel stronger physically but will have the confidence to put up a fight should you need to. This can gain a few crucial seconds to run away in the event of an emergency

While I do not wish to scare you with this article, there are some people out there who do not have the best intentions so it is better to be safe than sorry. Always trust your gut, if you are nervous of somebody approaching then do not risk it, run as fast as you can.

Jilly Wright

BSc (hons) Sports Science, Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training, Boxercise Registered Instructor, Certificate in Pre and Post Natal Exercise


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