29 Apr

Luna Cinema Review

After recently going to a Luna Cinema event at Ascot Racecourse, I thought, who better to share this gorgeous experience than with you girls here on Feminesse.

The Luna Cinema is the UK’s leading producer of open air cinemas. Their screenings involve a classic film, a big screen and an exclusive outdoor setting. It’s the little things that make a difference and Luna Cinema place a lot of value on the setting location as well as the choice of film. It is this attention to detail that make attending a Luna Cinema event all that more unique and memorable. Some of their locations include Brockwell Lido, Hampton Court Palace, Kenilworth Castle and Kensington Palace, to name a few. As they state themselves on their website, they “provide a cinema quality visual and audio experience, but with the magic of being under the stars”.

My personal experience at Luna Cinema was a fantastic one. I went with the girls for a unique catch up and we were not disappointed. We saw the Marilyn Monroe classic Some Like it Hot but even without the film we would have probably had a great time! Luna Cinema is sponsored by Benefit make-up so the film was surrounded by a variety of stands, stalls and quirky props such as pink telephone boxes for photographs to keep you occupied prior to the film commencing. Once the film started, the girls and I got out our picnics but there was also a good variety of food and drink being sold on the venue. I hear that each venue’s facilities vary slightly so always double check what will be there before you go, but each and every one accommodates most of the facilities that you would require.

Top tips for getting the best of your outdoor cinema experience:
• Wrap up warm. No matter how gorgeously sunny it has been during the day, it’s still the UK and it will still get cold outdoors at night time. Bring lots of blankets and jumpers!
• Bring lots of snacks, picnics and wine. Most of the venues allow you to bring alcohol but double check your particular event as every venue is different.
• Gather your friends.
• I would personally recommend picnic chairs for comfort. You will be sat on the floor for quite a few hours. But maybe I’m just picky!
• Bring chocolate… do I really need to explain?

Overall something I would definitely recommend. Dependent on the film certificate rating of course, Luna Cinemas are suitable for all ages. Take a look on their website and if luck would have it they may be showing one of your favourite films in a gorgeous location near you!


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