16 Aug

Period Taboos – Let’s go for Gold

I’m writing this blog post about periods with the Olympics in full swing. Just as I was about to write about the time Heather Watson surprised the world by discussing her period after she went out of the Australian Open, I heard about Fu Yuanhui discussing her period after the 4x100m medley relay.

It was a year ago that Watson made the news with her monthly cycle and whilst I’m pleased we’re breaking the taboo, I’m surprised at how surprised people still are by it.

I feel like stating the obvious, female athletes have periods too, you know.

So this got me thinking, we’ve made huge leaps in the right direction but there’s still a lot of embarrassment and shyness around something that happens every. single. month.

I’m going to be honest and say “hey, periods aren’t the most fun a girl can have”. However, love or loathe them, we can still take a step in the right direction to breaking the taboo around discussions.

What I have been inspired about is hearing these female athletes openly discussing how the monthly cycle affected their performance but they didn’t quit. Let’s not forget Kiran Gandhi who kept going when she came on her period during running the London Marathon last year.

My message today is to keep the discussion going, let’s keep moving in the right direction and let sports and periods be on the same playing field, rather than metres apart.

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