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Feminesse Menstrual Cup – New Lower Price!

Feminesse Menstrual Cup is a modern sanitary product that is both comfortable to use and economically friendly.

Feminesse Cup can be worn at night, during swimming and exercise, without fear of leaks.




The Feminesse Menstrual Cup is a pH friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Some sanitary products absorb your period alongside vaginal fluid, which can leave the vagina feeling dry and irritated. The menstrual cup retains up to 18ml of menstrual blood and is worn internally, like a tampon. By collecting the fluid, the Feminesse Cup takes care to look after the natural pH. Thanks to its design, it is an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, travelling and day-to-day usage, without fear of leaks.

  • A pH friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads.
  • By collecting the menstrual fluid, rather than absorbing it, the Feminesse Cup takes care of the natural pH.
  • Ideal menstrual aid for sports, travelling and day-to-day usage without fear of leaks.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly.

Comes complete with one foldable silicone cup, a discreet foldable container and an information leaflet.

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10 Reviews on “Feminesse Menstrual Cup – New Lower Price!

  1. Early days but I honestly think I’m converted to cup life, it’s discreet and easy to use. It can seem a tad intimidating at first but after a while you honestly forget about it. It takes abit of getting used to the putting in and removing but apart from that I would definitely recommend to anyone!

  2. OK so I’m having trouble with leaking and have emailed feminesse for more advice but this is my review of how is going so far.I don’t want to give in as I want this to work.
    I bought the feminesse because it was the only one in sale in tesco and I thought well got to start somewhere and how much difference can there be between one cup and another. First attempt it went in fine but I don’t feel the pop that I’ve read about online with other brands.I’m not sure if the feminesse is too soft to “pop”.i couldn’t feel it so assumed it was in the right position but after a couple hours I had a bit if leaking so I emptied..a lot of clotty blood which was quite messy to sort out.i reinserted and was fine again for a couple hours then I felt leakage.this time the cup was about half full.then it was bedtime.reinserted and went to bed.had to get up and completely change pjs as full leak everywhere even though the cup was again half full.2 hours later same again and I gave up and used a tampon due to desperate for sleep and too much soiled clothes???? now next morning and I’m trying again.so far OK but I can’t trust it do have a pad too.i gave tried different folds.also tried to feel if in the right position but to me I think it may crumple a little on insertion?I have had three large babies and am 45.desperate for advice as I want this to work for me..cost is also a factor as I don’t want to spend another £20 trying different brands if I can get the feminesse to work for me.i will keep trying and will update my review accordingly but unfortunately so far for me it has been an extremely messy process

  3. So here’s an update review and I have jumped straight up to four stars.night time still isn’t great for me but day time I’ve got the hang of it and also its fascinating!!bit weird?????I don’t think so.try it!I’m hoping at the start of next month at the heaviest I’m not going to experience the same leakage that I did this time around.i will say that you won’t have completely clean knickers!I need a little pantie liner and its not a lot but I don’t want dirty pants.seems to defeat the object towards the environment a bit so I may get some washable cotton liners.maybe feminesse should supply their cup with two washable liners.that would help their marketing in what is an overpriced product..not just this brand..they all seem expensive initially but for health,wellbeing and the environment I took the plunge.

  4. Absolutely love this thing! I have a much better understanding of how heavy I actually am. It’s comfortable and the best part is there is no waste! So much better for the environment! It does take a bit of getting used to, there’s definitely a technique. But a few tries and you should get it. I recommend this to everyone. I especially love the collapsible case it comes with and that it collapses as well. Genius!

  5. I think this product is fab! Had problems with leaking the first month while I was getting use to placing it correctly, I was trying to put it in too high and it wasn’t opening properly, now I have the hang of it no leaking even at night time, I am using reusable pads as well just in case to give me a bit more confidence during my heavier days but so far so good. This will save me money and is so much better for the environment, its comfortable and the foldable container is brilliant. I’d recommend this to all women, just persevere with finding the right placement and folding method that works for you and once you’ve cracked it you won’t look back.

  6. I bought this product today because I’d heard very positive reviews. I like the idea of minimising my carbon footprint, and saving money at the same time.

    So first impressions… I was really impressed by how compact it is! The case is really soft, which I wasn’t expecting and also very discreet. The clear silicon cup is compactable and flexible.

    Inserting it was a lot easier than I was expecting – I’d watched a few you tube videos before I decide to buy it, and was relieved to see that everyone else found the prospect of trying to insert for the first time just as nerve wracking!

    Since I had the coil fitted my periods have been heavy, so I figured I’d jump in at the deep end and try it out on my heaviest day. But I’ve also teamed it with a pair of Modibodi panties in case of any nasty leaks.

    So far so good… it’s very comfortable, I haven’t experienced any leaking but I’ve only had it in for 4 hours. So the next test will be removing it – fingers crossed.

  7. Picked this cup as it was the only one I could get in town and the price was also very reasonable (£5 from savers ). Im glad I picked this one over buying online as even tho it is the first menstrual cup I have used I found it easy to insert/remove (with a littel practice) and it’s also very comfortable I couldn’t feel it at all while useing it, I would highly recommend this cup to any women over pads or tampon it has changed my life to the point I forgot I was even on my period!

  8. Just bought this cup today from savers (£5!!!) absolute bargain, I’ve tried cups before and always had to reach up and pop them open for them to work properly, I was intimidated by this one as it is smaller than my others and was cheap, but omg I don’t even have to pop it open it opens inside as it should do!!! Over the moon, no leaking, can’t feel it and it’s good for the environment compared to pads and tampons, although I alternate with tampons and cups I love these as I never have to worry about leaks! Love!!!

  9. Ok, so I thought quarantine would be perfect time to test out my feminesse cup and see if it would work for me, I previously used tampons. I was sceptical but a lot of my friends swear by a cup. Getting it in for the first few times was tricky and I’m on day 3 of using it and it is getting easier, and now I have to say I am a total convert. On day one when it took me about ten minutes trying to get it in , when I did the weird origami thing to squish it up I just hoped it was gonna spring into place inside me but wasn’t convinced so I wasn’t sure how this was gonna work but now I absolutely love it and have told all my friends to get one. I’m shocked at how little blood is in the cup each time I change it and I just feel way better than when I was using tampons. I am not a squeamish person and I guess I have found it weirdly satisfying seeing it all collected in a cup rather than soggy in a tampon. I’ve slept with it in and this has been perhaps the most noticeable positive difference , I don’t wake up with that “ full tampon/ verge of leaking” feeling. I’ve found taking it out at first was difficult too and made me feel a bit panicky because it does sort of feel suctioned in when you try to pull it out but I’ve found it you grab the bottom of the cup as well as the plastic tab it releases the suction. I do not feel it inside me at all, I’ve had no problems with less/ leaks and I just completely love it and can’t believe what a difference it has made with how I feel about my period. I appreciate this isnt for everyone but I just think every person who gets a period should give it a go for a few days.

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