24 Nov

Q&A with Our Powder Room Professional, Jo Hemmings

On Friday 21st November we held a webchat with Jo Hemmings on Feminesse’s facebook page for anyone who needed some advice or just wanted to get some worries of their chest! Here are the questions and Jo’s top tips!

Question: How do I make myself appealing to guys in my online dating profile?

Jo’s advice: Hi Emma. Make sure you put up some photos that are natural and where you’re smiling, keep your profile positive and light-hearted and be yourself! Also online dating is a level playing field, so if you like a few guys, don’t be afraid of making the first approach! x


Question: “I know it sounds silly but I have a phobia of going to the gym by myself. I desperately want to get fitter but am scared people will be juding me – how can I overcome this silly fear?”

Jo’s advice: Hi Nicola. Not silly at all – but you get all shapes and sizes at the gym. Not everyone looks like those ads for the perfect gym body! Try going at a weekend – there are far less of the dedicated gym bunnies on Saturdays and Sundays  x


Question: “My new man and I were honest about the number of sexual partners we’ve had recently and my number was bigger. I’m not ashamed of it but he brings it up in every argument and has said he’s worried I’ll cheat. What can I do to make him feel less threatened?”

Jo’s advice: It’s one of those annoying things that we confess to, in the spirit of honesty and then gets upsetting when brought back up again. Reassure your boyfriend that the numbers of guys you had sex with is irrelevant now you’ve met him and that those you did have were all faithful relationships. Remind him you’re not a cheater and that you love him! X


Question: “How worried should I be about vaginal odour? What can I do if I am worried about it?”

Jo’s advice: Hi Lauren. Most vaginal odours are perfectly natural. Making sure you’re showered before you go out is a big help and also using a product like Feminesse will give you extra confidence. If you’re still worried or you feel it has changed recently, please see your GP – it’s probably something that can be cleared up quickly and easily x


Question: “I’m in my first year of university and have never had sex. I’m getting worried it will never happen – how can I put myself out there more?”

Jo’s advice: Everyone’s anxious about their first time. It will happen, I promise! Just make sure it’s with someone you really fancy and will remember with fond memories, rather than a drunken fumble with a guy just to ‘get it over with’! x


Question: “I’ve had the call for my first cervical smear test and I’m very nervous about it! What can I expect? Can I put it off a bit?”

Jo’s advice: Please don’t put it off – it’s such an important procedure. It’s a little bit uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt. Most practitioners are very good at what they do and will understand your anxiety. And I know it sounds silly, but please try to relax. Sometimes it’s the clenching of our vaginal muscles which makes it more uncomfortable x


Question: “I’m finding it really difficult to make new friends now I’ve left Uni and moved somewhere new. How can I make friends without coming across a bit creepy or desperate?!”

Jo’s advice: Yes, it can be a bit of a shock to leave all those easy-to-make friends who were always on hand! Look at what’s going on locally, maybe reconnect with a few Facebook friends and see if they know anyone in your area and chat to your neighbours – one of mine became one of my best friends x


Question: “My friend’s just come out of a 6 year relationship and I’m worried she’s putting herself at risk at times with her new found freedom. How can I let her know I’m worried without her feeling that I’m judging her?”

Jo’s advice: This is often a difficult situation. Advice often comes over as being patronising, over protective or even envious – especially as she may well be aware that she’s behaving a bit erratically or out of character at the moment. I often think just being there with her helps. Distract her, support her and reassure her if it does go a bit wrong. I’m sure it will pass soon x


Question: “I’ve recently had my first baby – I’m finding it hard to feel good about myself again and have lost a lot of my confidence. What advice do you have for new mums like me?”

Jo’s advice: Hi Rhiannon. Congratulations! If it helps – you are most definitely not alone in feeling like this! Don’t push yourself too hard or have unrealistic expectations of getting your post baby body back – nobody really pings back into shape like a celebrity mum seems to  Chat to other new mums – it will be reassuring to find that almost all of them will feel the same way. Give yourself a little time – meanwhile eat healthily and know that all that energy you’re using in looking after your baby, will soon help you feel fit again x


We hope you’ve taken some tips and tricks for yourself away from this. Thank you for all your questions and thanks to Jo for sharing her pearls of wisdom with us! Until next time x

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