22 Apr

Thank You Jilly!

Have you been following the Feminesse Fit Club for the last 12 weeks? If so, you’ve probably gone through the stages of determination, enthusiasm, motivation, exhaustion and back to determination. And if you’ve kept up the hard work you’ve probably noticed a few changes to your body.

Jilly’s 12 week fitness plan finished this week and we’ve got a lot to be grateful for! Not only do we all feel a bit more toned, but the prospect of getting our bikinis on in a few months’ time is that little bit less daunting. So for that, we are super grateful. Thank you Jilly!

If you’ve not had a chance to try out Jilly’s fitness plan or still want some more motivation for the next 4 months in the lead up to summer, have no fear! All of our infographics demonstrating the routines are saved on our website and on our pinterest.

She will still be sharing great tips and advice on all things health and fitness so keep checking the Powder Room for her latest blog posts.


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