08 May

The C-word!

How confident do you feel today? If you need a bit of a boost, here are some great words of wisdom that we asked the women of Be: Fit London for. Let’s break the taboos around women’s health and let’s all have a bit more confidence in women’s health and thus in ourselves!

(Find out more about Feminesse at Be: Fit here)

The, ‘just great advice’ ones…

“Live today as if it was your last”

“Do what makes you happy. Live for you!”

“Before you fall in love, work on loving yourself first…”

“Be yourself and accept your flaws as your individuality”

“Keep reaching higher!”

“You are enough”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway! Live, laugh and LOVE”

“Happy girls are the most prettiest”

“Have a hot candle lit bubble bath every night, wake up feeling great”

“An pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill

 The ones that made us laugh…

 “10 shots of tequilla… or just stand tall + smile!”

“Sing a power song (like I’m sexy and I know it) and dance around by yourself!”

“Have a glass of wine!”

“Think how cool your nan is & that one day you too may also be that fab! <3”

“If someone is being nasty or intimidating you – imagine them constipated as it makes you inwardly laugh – they can’t get you!”

“Always be ewe not a sheep”

“Wear your pants (the big ones) with the mantra, if someone has to cut them off I’m covered! (quote from an A&E patient)”

The soulful ones…

“Stars can’t shine without darkness x x x”

“Remember that we are all fighting our own battles & exercise kindness in every decision you make”

“Do what makes your soul happy”

“Really believe in the fact that there is no one else in the universe that is identical to you! Make sure you believe that you matter x”

“Remember when you are down the only direction is up! Keep strong & find a memory to smile about”

“You’re who you are until you choose to see who you can be”

 The down to earth ones…

 “Just being me, makes me HAPPY”

“Your beauty starts from within, but a good pair of knickers help”

“Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it! x <3”

“When you’re going into a meeting, 5 minutes before sneak to a quiet space and do the wonderwoman stance for 2 minutes and smile. Confidence booster!”

“Winners train losers complain”

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