27 Nov

These Heels Are Made For Walking

Feminesse’s Powder Room Survey revealed that 46% of you had fallen over in heels at an important moment. Now I’ve had my fair share of wobbly moments on heels (always the heel’s fault, never the wine of course!) so I’ve scouted the internet and asked around the office for tips on having more confidence wearing heels. And would you believe it, there are even classes on how to wear heels.

Tip 1: If you are nervous about wearing heels it’s also a good idea to try a smaller heel. They do say practice makes perfect!

Tip 2: Make sure you’re wearing the right shoe size. This sounds pretty basic but when was the last time you had your shoe size measured. A lot of us women are actually wearing a shoe size too small which is of course going to make wearing heels painful. On the other hand, a heel that’s too big is going to slip and make it more likely for you to fall!

Tip 3: This is going to sound like a weird one but actually sandpapering or (if you don’t have sandpaper to hand, I don’t blame you… who does!?) then just wear them out into the street and scruff them against the floor. Removing that shiny surface will give the heel a bit more of a grip

Expert advice: Some useful advice I found was from Chyna Whyne who teaches women how to walk in heels. She says that when you are buying new shoes to try the ‘rocking test’. This involves placing the shoes on a flat surface, then tap the back and the side of the shoe. If they wobble or ‘rock’, do not buy them! I guess it makes sense, if they’re not stable without having to support your body weight then they’re not going to be stable when you stand in them!


In the office:

Laura’s tip: “Try not to think about it too much and take normal strides.”

Katie’s words of wisdom: “The more you wear them the easier it gets.”

Amy says: “Avoid cobbled streets! Remember that you can always take them off when you’re dancing as well…”

Susan’s advice: “I’m sorry I don’t remember the days of heels, however my tip would be walk very slowly!”

Mel’s suggestions: “Practice wearing them before you go out. If they hurt now, they’re not going to hurt less after 3 hours of dancing”

Generally the more you practice wearing them you’ll get more confident with it. Try not to think about wearing them too much and remember you don’t have to wear the highest heels when you first start out.

I loved getting the tips from the girls in the office and would love to hear your advice too! Please leave a comment in the comment section below if you have any suggestions for wearing heels.

Reference: The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11121855/How-to-walk-in-high-heels.html

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