18 Jun

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep

We have all been there, the alarm is set with the intention of waking up an hour early to fit in a workout before work, but when the time comes we are overcome with exhaustion and end up hitting the snooze button.  So, when should we substitute a little sleep for a little exercise?

Truth is both sleep and exercise is beneficial to our health. We need both. What’s more, not only are they both necessary, it is difficult to get a healthy balance of one without the other. Regular exercise helps improve the quality of your sleep and sleep is vital for physical performance. So what should we choose when the alarm is going off at 6am?

While individual needs will vary, typically adults require a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night.  While some may argue that they survive on less, research has shown a significant decline in their physical performance. It is true that exercising first thing in the morning can improve mental performance, confidence, happiness and energy levels but the same results can be achieved by incorporating a little more activity into your working day, such as taking the stairs. And so, if you are struggling to achieve seven good hours sleep, then it may be best to postpone your workout to later in the day to get the most from it.

Jilly Wright

BSc (hons) Sports Science, Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training, Boxercise Registered Instructor, Certificate in Pre and Post Natal Exercise


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