02 Oct

What kind of dater are you?

Ever wondered what you’re like to date? Take our quiz to find out!

When deciding where to go on a date do you…

a) Not get involved and let them decide

b) Look up the menus before making a decision

c) Check it’s not somewhere you’ve been with another date that week

d) Look for somewhere quiet

e) Choose somewhere their Mother would approve of

f) Take them on a weekend trip to Paris. It’s a first date winner

g) Offer suggestions, but you’re not afraid to let them take the lead

What are you likely to wear on a date?

a) Wedding dress

b) Stretchy leggings so you can fit three courses in

c) A new outfit

d) Doesn’t matter, you’ll win them with your words

e) Your lucky date outfit

f) Cocktail dress and your finest jewellery

g) The outfit you feel the best in

Describe your ideal date

a) Husband/Wife-material

b) Picking up the bill

c) Available that night

d) Quiet

e) Bad Boy/Girl

f) Has an up-to-date passport

g) Someone who treats you as an equal

On the date what do you spend the most time doing?

a) Staring into their eyes and picturing your future children

b) Ordering too much food on purpose and working out a way to get a doggy bag

c) Acting incognito in case a previous date spots you

d) Coming up for air. Talking some more.

e) Convincing them pink really is their colour and that puppy goes perfectly with leather

f) Champagne, caviar and a sing-o-gram at your table. You know, something low key.

g) Getting to know them with flowing conversation

What would you first kiss be like?

a) Fireworks and woodland creatures sighing in unison. Think Disney kiss.

b) A small price to pay for such a great meal

c) Graded on a scale of 1-10

d) No kiss, they wouldn’t get a chance in between your hilarious dog stories

e) A recreation of Sandy and Danny in Grease

f) Minty fresh, on a gondola in Venice whilst Ed Sheeran serenades you. Perhaps with a live dove release to really seal the deal

g) No pressure, on your terms and all kinds of wonderful

Mostly a – Love At First Sight- This particular type of dater only has eyes for their one true love. You will not see one of these people alone. They travel in pairs, share a toothbrush and give each other cringe worthy nicknames.

Mostly b – The Free Meal Dater- This dater will go out with anyone, so long as it’s free. They’ll go for a meal, to the cinema, even on holiday with anyone that offers to pay. Their special someone must have lots of money and a willingness to share.

Mostly c – The Serial Dater-The Serial Dater would go on a date every night of the week if they could. They are not picky about appearance or personality because they’re not interested in anything long term anyway.

Mostly d – The Talker- The chatterbox of the dating world. The Talker will not let their date get a word in and will share their ramblings for hours and hours. No topic is off limits… so long as it’s about them.

Mostly e – The Tamer- Attracted to the Bad Boys and Bad Girls of the world. The Tamer sees dating as an opportunity to change somebody’s personality. Their future partner is a project they want to mould over time.

Mostly f – The Grand Gesturer- The Grand Gesturer will go to great lengths to ensure their date is unique and memorable. There are no quiet drinks for this dater. On the first date expect rose petals, jewellery, quad bikes, mud baths and anything else over the top.

Mostly g – The Confident Dater – You know what you’re looking for and you’re not afraid to go looking for it. The Confident Dater knows that not all dates will be ‘The One’ but by being yourself you can still have a lot of fun meeting new people.

Advice from Jo Hemnmings. Behavioural Psychologist, Dating Coach & Sex Expert.

We all put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves and many of us end up getting so anxious it takes the fun out dating all together. A good tip is to remember that most of us have worries so you’re definitely not alone. Don’t underestimate how much the person you are dating may also be worrying too. Try and be as straightforward as possible – nobody likes a game player – and do whatever you need to in advance to give yourself a confidence boost.

I always suggest that people try and keep the first date to an hour and a half as this helps take the pressure off. Keeping the venue nice and relaxed can also help, so maybe avoid the Michelin star restaurant for the first meet up!

If you need some added confidence – do whatever works for you. Go and buy a new outfit if that makes you feel good or stick to a tried and tested favourite if you’re more comfortable with that.

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