27 Feb

Women’s Health Survey

So Feminesse teamed up with the lovely lot at StudentBeans to find out a bit more how much you all really knew about women’s health. 1231 women took part in our survey and we thought we would share the results!

There are a lot of taboos and myths about our vaginas, ranging from discharge, smells and how they should look. Interestingly, only 56% of women felt that they could class themselves as knowledgeable about feminine health. Whilst that is over half of you, considering the respondents are all women, you would think the figure would be much higher. It’s our own vaginas after all. Part of the problem is that quite a few women have said that they can only talk about women’s health issues with close friends and family whereas others felt they’d maybe tell their pharmacist but no one else! There still seems to be a lot of stigma surrounding the topic, one that gets avoided, hush hushed or never even brought up!

What’s more is that there’s a lot of confusion about how your vagina is supposed to smell. ALL vaginas have a smell. Any woman who thinks it shouldn’t, or thinks that it should smell like a bed of roses, has been very, very misinformed! We were a little worried when 54% said that being self-conscious about vaginal odour would most likely stand in the way of a night of passion. No one should be self-conscious of vaginal odour, especially as it’s as normal as having a vagina in the first place.

However, an abnormal, fishy smell (you’ll know if it’s abnormal) could indicate a problem and therefore visiting your GP is always a good idea to rule out any infections. That being said, 63% of women said that a strong unfamiliar/ unpleasant smell would prompt you to seek advice or act. This is good in the fact that anything that isn’t common to you should always be checked out by a doctor, but remember that an everyday musky smell is completely normal.

Feminesse’s aims to change the way we talk about women’s health. The Powder Room is a place where woman can come for advice, tips and openly share any worries they may have. The more we feel we can openly discuss women’s health worries the more we’ll realise how normal those ‘embarrassing problems’ really are!


Feminesse, confidence to be you!

2 Reviews on “Women’s Health Survey

  1. I feel much better knowing its not just me that had had a bleachy odour. One thing I can’t stand is when im out walking.. I got use to walking fast pretty much every where I go, so when I come home im sweaty and my thighs rub against eachother and I guess the heat rises and I do feel like a discharge coming out or whatever and I just want to know if this is normal or not? PLZ HELP!

    1. Hi Emma, just to reassure you that it is normal to see more discharge after exercise. If your discharge is is consistently the same on a day to day basis, then an increased amount after exercise is fine and quite common! However, if you have noticed a change in colour or consistency it is always best to seek advice from your healthcare professional.

      If it is something that still bothers you, remember to wear cotton underwear if possible and always shower after exercise rather than staying in lycra or tight-fitting clothing. Try to wash with just water, rather than scented washes or soaps as these can interrupt the vagina’s pH balance.

      Remember that we’re always much more aware of ourselves than anyone else is, so there’s usually nothing to worry about! If you have any other questions remember we’re just a comment away!

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